I thought it was about time I revisited this post as the 6 month mark has passed and we’ll be at the end of the year in a blink of an eye.

If I was to write my own report for the last nine months, it would read something like this:-

Karen is a hard worker who always tries her best, with perfection being her main priority, however this is also her weakness and it puts pressure on her when it isn’t needed. She needs to learn that good is good enough and know when to take a step back.

She has made significant levels of progress with her classes and her results from the summer GCSE’s reflect this. But there is still room for improvement on some of the topics she taught and she needs to reflect on her teaching style for some of those units.

She is a valued member of both the science team and the pedagogy team with the revamp of the CPD having an interesting reaction among the school staff.

Targets for the coming year are she needs to continue to refine her teaching skills, and keep smiling, because she is doing well.

Right lets see how it stacked up…..

1. To get a handle on the parenting of two teenagers. I need to realise that my eldest is almost a man who is flourishing and doesn’t need his mother as much as he did before, except to wash dirty rugby kit and have bottomless cupboard of food. For my special lady accept that at the moment her friends are her haven who she now shares her secrets with and wait patiently for her to come to me when she’s ready. Acceptance is the key that my offspring are needing me in a different way but I will always be there when they need me.

A work in progress is how I would describe this one. My eldest broke his leg in February very badly and spent 13 weeks in plaster and for a very active young man, this caused major issues in the household both from the physical point of view of being in plaster up to his hip and mentally for him. It has resulted in some issues that are too long to go into here, but the stress that this has brought to the family by his choices he has made has brought it almost to breaking point. Daughter hasn’t responded well either, and spent even more time with friends so now working on that. However on a happier note, we have worked through many of them and he has now started his Level 3 course at college and has some direction back to his life, hence on going. Plus daughter in year 10 and seems more settled. Lets hope so.

2. To get back to spinning and make sure I keep going for the whole year and not let work get in the way. To stay slimmer, keep juicing and try to keep my chocolate addiction under control. This will require me taking more care of me, which I often neglect. I am happy to support others often to my detriment so need to give me the same care. 

Opps! is all I can say to this, health and well being took a back burner this year with issues at both work and home, resulting in me having to stop spinning, eating more chocolate and generally not looking after myself until about May, when I realised I had forgotten about me and have now started back on my own road to health again. So still working on it.

3. To provide a safe place for the pupils I teach. To be consistent, fair, supportive and provide them with the best chance I can give them, to ensure they are able to open every door they need to, ensuring they lead successful and fulfilled lives. To be there for my tutor group who are turning out to be wonderful young people who I am proud of more and more each day.

This one is happening I am happy to say, my tutor group are now in Year 11 with more of them coming to me for support, even those reluctant boys who feel I am harsh by setting boundaries and sticking to  them. Most have realised that they haven’t got much time left and it’s now time to step up and be counted. I will sad when they leave.

4. To accept compliments gracefully. I am still struggling with my daemons who often get the better of me. The person who looks back from the mirror isn’t always the one I see when looking at her.

Ongoing, is all I can say.

5. To keep learning, practicing the art of teaching, I still think that someone will come and catch me out and say that I really shouldn’t be in front of students. I really love my job and just want to be the best I can be.

Totally a work in progress and loving it more each day.

6. I want to develop my pedagogy leader role and make teaching and learning the buzz of the school where our teachers engage in conversations about their practice by becoming more open to sharing their successes and failures of their classrooms.

Mmmm, working on it but baby steps, I have the wonderful Sarah Wright to work with plus the amazing Nann Stimpson who provide me with challenge and keep me grounded often. Here’s to this academic year. We are focusing on ‘Growth Mindset’ and ‘Challenge’ within the lessons and the CPD will be based around those two concepts, plus many more ideas, poached from other great leaders around the country.

7. I need to blog more to share my own practice and accept the great and good who hopefully will comment and help to develop my practice making me a better teacher.

OK not done!

8. Get a school blog started to share our practice and pedagogy. It needs a catchy and informative name suggestion appreciated.

Blog started but needs more work.

9. Push myself further out of my comfort zone and present at more Teachmeets, hopefully will do Pedagoolondon with the wonderful Lucie. Plus have volunteered to help Mark Anderson with a Pedagoo event in the South West and along the way get to spend time with more of the people I have met with through twitter.

Managed to present at# TMTaunton, #Pedagoolondon and #TLT13 plus own #TMDawlish, attended #Pedagoosw however haven’t done as much as wanted due to number 1.

I’d like to work with Nina Jackson @musicmind, if she could put up with me, on what I don’t know, open to suggestions.

Still waiting for that chance.

10. This is a big one to admit to but I’d like to further my career, I have come to teaching late and feel that time isn’t on my side and I want to be able to develop, encourage teachers to be the best they can be. I want to see more openness between departments, celebrate innovation, encourage creativity, allow teaches to take more risks within their classrooms, support, motivate and help shape the future of the young people we have the privilege to teach every day.

Applied for a leadership role focusing on TnL but wasn’t successful, down to the simple point I taught a ‘pants lesson’ a little too left field I think, however I took away a lot from the experience and will keep looking.

11. I still need to dance more, have done some in class much to the embarrassment of my pupils. But need to do it more with friends, family, children.

Definitely dancing more, but more is needed.

12. Be a better, wife, friend, sister, daughter and in order to do this I need more balance between work and the rest of my life. think I had that last year as well.

This this will on every year, although I completely disconnected from teaching over the summer and we all had a wonderful time. Rested and ready for the new year. Best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.

13. I need to worry less about money, housework, teaching, am I good enough, will I be better, well just everything.

Still worrying.

14. Finally I need to look upwards enjoy the sunshine, splash in the puddles, kick up the leaves and surf more.

Definitely done, I grabbed the bull by the horns a volunteered to be part of the 2015 Sweet Dreams Charity calendar so have submitted a picture; yikes! (you can make a donation at http://www.justgiving.com/FHASweetDreamsCalander2015), this was created on the back of @ChocoTzars blog on sending pupils on holiday.

Also I have done more of this this year especially enjoying the sunshine and surfing, will splash in more puddles this winter as bought a puppy in August so this will keep me outside more. Mad I know, as if I don’t have enough to do.

Hence on reflection not bad!