#Teacher5aday Update


Review of the last few months.

School focus was for a wall for teachers to post their wellbeing achievements to. Unfortunately my teachers didn’t really get on board. Our department was quite fractured from a tough year of monitoring and no amount of positivity from me seemed to change this.


This unfortunately took a dive .  I got very ill and will not regale you,  I’m still suffering with some of the symptoms and medications are still being tweaked.  To top it all a lumbar puncture  gave me a bad back so excuses aside exercise became rather difficult .  However I have still not walked although not as much as I wanted .  This one is still a project in motion.


This One has been very successful for me I notice now have very tired I still get and do stop. Sometimes even going for a sleep when I get home at 5 o’clock, not waking up till seven-ish. Got to love a power nap.

Meditation is now less guided but still there. I’m more aware of the impact on its effect on reducing my stress and its impact on me especially due to my illness in Feb! Home life can be up and down but I’m managing with it better.


#TMPicknMix was a huge success and a massive thank you to those who supported me through the process. The list is endless and if I name people I’ll miss seonethen will feel bad  but you know I couldn’t have done it without you.

I have since connected with #PedagooLondon where they ever beautiful and talented Helene invited me to do a workshop with some of the great and good of the education world . I was humbled, also scared to be back in the saddle but loved every minute of it so and the ever so supportive @MartynReah to see me through and then once again surprised as he asked for my resources.

I connected and presented at #TMTavistock and TMOkehampton after receiving an invite from @JoPayne and got my groove  on with @Aknill at #NorthernRocks so brilliant time has been had at the end of this summer term and what’s more I have agreed to connect and present at #pedagooplymouth in September, so really am back in my stride after a bit of an absence. I’ve found my voice again.

What’s more I got to spend some fabulous time at @Betsysalt and @Chocotzar while at northern rocks so thank you for love and laughter.. Plus @cristahazel for the mega long drive up. Epic on a Friday

The connection in the department waned a bit after the appointment of the new head and second of department (that clearly wasn’t me – cryptic bit last time ) . I took that quite hard and if it wasn’t for my Twitter connections I think it would have taken me longer to get over it than it did .

This has had the biggest effect on me this year in what emotionally, personally, and professionally has been my toughest year yet. So thanks to all who’ve I’ve connected with some of whom have been at all sorts of times of the day and night.


I did the assistant principal interview and volunteer for challenge partners although they didn’t use me and I did volunteer to be part of the working party CPD mark, which we achieved on 23 July involving a mammoth team effort led by the incredible Nann Stimpson which involved a day of Skype interviews a massive amounts of form filling in about our CPD program across the whole of the school.

Unfortunately due to my visit to hospital I missed the 24 hour concert but I did volunteer to help out at the little shop of horrors end of year performance and wow what a time we had the kids were incredible.

I’ve also volunteered to take part in the WomenEd conference in October in conjunction with the amazing @Chocotzar and the team. I’m not sure what she’ll have me doing but I’m sure her and the team will find me something suitable. Handing out flyers or programs or some such thing.


I have learnt a lot about my own resilience and  my capability to keep going in the face of some pretty major adversity.

I have learnt deep down I’m a pretty happy person you can find the sunshine even on the darkest day. Now I just have to learn to take a compliment as I still don’t do that very welI.

I have found my #wellbeingsuperhero and will continue to listen to my inner voice as I start my next adventure in 2016.

I will take teacher5aday to my new school as it will be vital to my success, as I feel that without this focus this year and continued reminders I don’t think I’d still be teaching.

So how are you doing with your teacher5aday?


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