#Nurture 15/16 Review

Well this was supposed to be revisited in the middle of the year but better late then never.

This year ChocoTzar took the lead with a 10/10 and I am looking at my 2016 10s and see where I am, before I enter the new academic year.

1.  My first priority this year has to be to listen to my body more. I tried last year but failed as the end of the year showed. I did get better at it but this year I must DO.

Doing this much more and no major set backs, when I’ve been ill I’ve listened taken the time and got better, no more dragging my self in .GOOD

2. No more burning the oil at both ends, I need to set time limits and if it doesn’t get done then it doesn’t get done.

MMM, still a work in progress, just can’t seem to leave jobs un done. RED

3. Walk, walk, walk, the spinning went away, difficult went you can’t feel the left side of your body, but walking I can manage. Need to set target steps every day, 10,000 isn’t it. So there it is in black and white.

Doing more of this and happy with it have the company of my beautiful Bentley to keep me company although could do more. AMBER.

4. New Job……. so much to do…………. Prioritise…. work out what is the departments, then the school priority; then look at what is achievable in the first term.  As far as that goes I won’t know till I get there. But for me I think, no I know the key will be RELATIONSHIPS. Build those and everything else will stem from that.

Well what changes have happened there, I wrote about my first term as a Baptism of Fire and then things have changed so quickly in the last two terms and that is another blog. Suffice to say I have now ended up as Head of Biology which starts in September so whole new challenges are facing me with my own department, so I have to start again so all of the above applies, but at least I won’t be the new girl.

This for the time being will be the biggest challenge at school establishing the Biology Department within the Science team as its own identity yet being an integral part of the science team. AMBER

5. On that I need to employ filter much more and not allow my ‘WTF’ face to show. Has been a bit of a problem this last term in meetings!! ( But people are sooo stupid sometimes) 

This is still a work in progress the ‘WTF’s’ have definitely got less but I have apparently developed a ‘RBF’ so now need to remove that one when sitting in meetings, as I will be attending more of these in the new year.  RED/AMBER

6. Massages

These have been regular and enjoyed, then gone through drought patches, all depending on finances, the pocket can only stretch so far. AMBER

7. Keep Charlotte focused and revising no matter how hard and stressful with me she or it gets, we have to get through to the end, it will be worth it. She will thank me ….. I hope.

Well for those of you with GCSE results we await with chewed finger nails and worried sleepless nights, this was monumental in my house not just because I had the added stress of the 180 kids at school as well. We had tantrums, tears, storm outs, packing of bags and that was just me!! Stress was at an all time high, but we also laughed, and cried together, worked hard and got through and now we wait. Lets hope the results are what she deserves. As she worked  hard. GREEN

8. Write more, I wrote lots when I was sick and found it really helped. But now I need do more deeper thinking, I feel the need to challenge myself with my writing. Could be interesting. I have more to say, probably not relevant to anyone else but who knows.

Epic fail, managed on twice I think, oh well such is life. RED

9. Remember to keep in touch with people, I get so insular sometimes when I am on my own, my shadow who hasn’t completely gone can get very big and I need to make more effort to step outside, visit, get in the car, travel up the road a few junctions to see my friends.

Done better, shadow is smaller, visits have been a few, events less but more beneficial, attended a few Teachmeets and WomensEd, been selective this year to avoid burn out, seen friends, had a fabulous holiday with my darling Sally. So not too bad. AMBER/GREEN

10. Finally be courageous, be kind, laugh, smile and dance more.

This I have done and will continue to do, as I lost my 96 year old Nan in February and she liked to dance and this put this in to perspective, life is short and you need to laugh out loud like no one is listening, dance like no one is watching and live life to the fullest and this I will continue to do. GREEN

So there you have it. Reviewed for the last 8 months, 4 months to go till the end of 2016 what we have in store who knows but you know what I look forward with optimism, new challenges ahead and a heart full of hope.

Smiles to you all.


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