After a disastrous (well in my opinion) disastrous day trying to use hexagons for revision with a low set 8 group, I was wondering whether I should give it all up for a bad lot.

However after much sympathy and encouragement from a my new friends on twitter @LGolton and @CanonsOPP I resolved to try again with a lovely and accepting year 7 group, who already think I am completely mad so it wouldn’t matter if it all went horribly wrong.

I introduced the terminology using a Sparkol presentation which was met with gasps of awe, (so easily pleased)… I then gave them a blank rubric and used Tait Coles (@Totallywired) X-factor card sort which, after first asking them to assess where they were on the rubric.

The kids sorted the cards easily and we discussed why they chose the levels and got them to discuss the links. I next asked them about Exeter Chiefs ( slight modification from Leeds Tait,) at which point most of the kids said they were at Prestructural. So once again card sort and off they went allocating the terminology no probs.

So now for the test. We have been covering the topic of rocks formation etc, but had not put the whole rock cycle together yet! Using the blank rubric, I asked them to assess where they thought they were and fill-in why they thought they were there.

They were very honest, with most saying they were at Multistructural , with a couple still purporting to be at Prestructural .. Yet how is beyond me…!

Now to the hexagons, I divided groups into 4, gave them the hexagons and asked them to make the links and to see if they could put the rock cycle together.

Well off they went like long dogs after a rabbit, the TA’s were amazed at how quickly they took to it.

I got to spend loads of time talking to each group discussing their links and extended their thinking and developing connections, so much so, that my ole’ devil from training days ( last year) reared its ugly head; TIME….. which I ran spectacularly out of, so didn’t get to draw they cycle out using their new knowledge.

Oh well next lesson. So feel happier to day and will keep going SOLO till I get all my classes on board.

I just have to become extended abstract now.

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